Infrastructure & Campus

IMM has all the latest and greatest technologies implemented in its infrastructure to provide its students the most optimal and convenient study environment.

Events & Activities

IMM regularly organizes events and activities to satiate all your academic and extra-curricular needs.

Cultural Trip

IMM students are made to travel out on a cultural trip to realize adequate insights on the cultural heritage of the town . The trip makes students conscious of the precious culture of a city and rich history and memoirs associated with the important places of the town . The rich heritage ensures that students are exposed to the cultural value along side their academic curriculum.


Camping is facilitated for IMM students in order that they venture out as a team and undergo fun activities .Such activities make sure that students are ready to do an assignment and complete it during a team effort. Such fun ways of learning enhances the competency quotient of scholars.

Co-Curricular Events

Culture plays a crucial role within the development of any nation. It represents a group of shared values. IMM students are equally talented with their co curricular activities and participate within the cultural events of the school . the scholars are given this exposure to reinforce their skills in Dance, Music, Fashion, Acting and lots of more.

Industry Visit

IMM students regularly visit units of renowned corporate houses to be apprised on the company working and etiquettes. the scholars are exposed to the manufacturing process of the corporate ’s products and are also educated on how the manufactured products reach the top user as per the company norms.

Global Study Tour

IMM students attend foreign countries for study tour .Such study tour nurtures the cross culture management amongst the scholars which helps them become better corporate managers of tomorrow with an insight of worldwide culture. The foreign study tour may be a a part of the IMM curriculum to make sure IMM students are exposed to the international culture.

Education Overseas

IMM students are often trained by faculty members of leading foreign universities across many a part of the world . Students also visit universities abroad as a neighborhood of an exchange program with leading universities of the planet . Such international academic exposure ensures that students gain their academic and industry insights both from IMM faculty also as from faculty members of the International universities.

Sports Facilities

Awaken your inner sportsman and take full benefit of the amazing sports facilities here at IMM!


It isn't our national game, but it might as well be. Come try your hand at cricket at IMM, you might just be the next big thing.

Basket Ball

If you think you have what it takes to shoot those hoops, prove your mettle at the IMM basketball court


If you're fast on your feet and precise with your kicks, how about a game of football?

Table Tennis

No time to think here, if you've got mad fast hand-eye co-ordination, try your hand at table tennis.


Stretch, stretch, stretch! Keep those muscles nice and loose for those big jumps and fantastic moves!


There's something beautiful in those moments of silence and inaction between moves. Wouldn't you agree?

Club & Societies

Immerse yourself in a community of like-minded people and hone your skills and talents with IMM’s student clubs and societies.


Marketing Club


IT & Operations Club


HR Club

Finance Club

Marketing Club

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